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Bridal Hair Styling Courses

One on One bridal hair training courses are available in Edinburgh, to book please contact me on my mobile number and have your diary to hand to book in your training day. There is a £150.00 deposit that must be paid to secure your course day booking.

Beginners Bridal Hair Styling Course

This course is an introduction to the art of bridal hair styling, aimed at individuals with little or no prior hairdressing or hair up experience.

During your training session you will learn : 

Four Variations of Chignon Styles

Low Hair Roll 


Plaiting and twists

Curling with hot irons and tongs

Beehive Bun

Advanced Bridal Hair Styling Course

This advanced course is for SVQ or NVQ qualified level 2 hairdressers that have some experience and knowledge to the art of bridal hair styling.

During your training session you will learn:

French Rolls

Victory Rolls

Elegant Swirls

Bridal Hair up with Barrel Curls

Soft Grecian Hair Up

During the course day, which runs from 10am to 4pm, you will have a hands on approach to learn a number of different hair styling techniques which will be demonstrated to you. You must supply your own models, or you can work with a dolls head. 

On the course we will cover the consultation process and preparation advice needed before styling your bride or client.

We will take into consideration the different face shapes, hair textures and different lengths of hair that each individual client will have.

Discussing and demonstrating the accessible hair tools and products that are available for you to use when creating different wedding style looks.

Ways in which to effectively secure hair pins into the hair so that they won’t be uncomfortable or visible to the client and how to store and use your equipment safely.

Also, covering advice on securing Tiara’s and Veil to the clients head and demonstrating that by adding hair accessories, you can complement the final look.

This course will give you the confidence and skills needed for bridal styling and help develop your own creative imagination, style and flair.


Prices for all courses is £280.00 per person. 

Hair Courses
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